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Prepare for the Vocal Chameleon!

Laila Berzins is a Voice Arts Awards nominated LA Based American voice actor, comedian, and singer with a decade of experience, providing a wide variety of accents and delivery styles. Her deep & resonant friendly voice works well with Commercial, Corporate and Promo reads, while Laila's experience and personality in Animation and Video games will leave you with VIBRANT audio and a smile on your face! Broadcast Quality Whisper Booth, Source Connect, Skype, IdPTL, Phone Patch Capabilities, happy to work under tight deadlines and with various time zones.


Home Studio: Broadcast Quality Whisper Booth, Adobe Audition, Neumann TLM 102, NT-1 Rode Mic, Audio Technica AT875R Mic, Scarlett 2i2 Interface, Phone Patch, IdPTL, Source Connect Standard.


Age Range - Early 20s to Late 40s, Kid Voices, Teens and Seniors

Work: Commercials, Explainer Videos, Corporate Narration, Promos, Cartoons, Games, Political, Dubbing/ADR, Podcast Intros/Outros, IVR/Telephony, E-Learning, and Jingles.

A big kid at heart, Laila has oodles of fun with every project she joyfully undertakes. She works in numerous cartoons for clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, YouTube and Funimation, in games like God of War 4, Final Fantasy Explorers, World of Warcraft,  Star Trek Online, State of Decay 2, Atlus Fenrir for Sega, and Smite.  She also lent her voice to various narrations for Microsoft, Lyft, Nike, Motorola, Weight Watchers, Toyota, and Intel, and commercials for Target, SoCal Gas, Google, Nature Valley, and Hidden Figures.

LA Based female voice over talent Laila Berzins vocals are deep, warm, smooth, silky, young, seductive and professional. Her numerous male/female character voices range from young to old, and sweet to sassy. Musically she is a natural Alto, with both the upper resonances of a younger woman, and the diction and lower range of a more mature woman. She has a deep powerful voice capable of gravitas and knowledgable reads, and a dynamic range.

Vocal Specialties - Moms, Villains, Boys (Kids to Teen), Creatures, Animals, Badass,

Urban, Sultry, Accents. Professional Singer. Standup and Improv, Impressions.

Voice Description: Warm, Friendly, Reassuring, Confident, Intelligent, Mom, Seductive, Powerful, Comedic, Numerous characters (even adult male/androgynous voices!)

Accents - Standard North American, Standard British (Victorian, Cockney, Modern),  French, Russian, Southern US, Bronx.

Soundalikes: Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson, Tilda Swinton, Chrissy Metz, Oprah, Galadriel, Judy Dench, Jennifer Lawrence, Hela - Thor/Ragnarock, Octavia Spencer, Queen Latifa, Viola Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Eric Cartman, Mrs Cartman, Towely, Elmo, Lois Griffin, Kermit the Frog, and many more! 

Voyage LA Interview:


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Laila Berzins VO

Laila Berzins VO

Laila Berzins VO
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I pride myself in knowing and finding great VO talent. I've been doing this for a while. Laila is in the very top echelon. Smart, funny, easy to work with, easy to direct, and when the mic is on so is she. She can go from hilarious to serious on demand. She knows how to completely zero in on what's being asked of her. She's a reader; you can tell. She knows the inflection points, the meaning behind the words, how to tease out nuances. A terrific talent and resource. 




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Heather Dame 

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